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Review structure for an article in the journal "Heliogeophysical reseach"Review structure for an article in the journal "Heliogeophysical reseach"

  1. General information about an article (title, authors, number of pages).
  2. General information about the topic of the article.
  3. Subject accordance between an article and the journal.
  4. Topicality of an article.
  5. Characteristics and evaluation of an article including:
    • scientific propositions and results;
    • novelty of scientific propositions and results;
    • validity of scientific propositions and results;
    • meaningfulness of scientific proposition and results (from the point of view of scientific and technical development as well as practical application).
  6. Remarks concerning textual part and execution of the article (in terms of reducing volume of an article so that scientific propositions and results remain clear).
  7. Recommendations:
    • publication of an article;
    • revision of remarks (general or particular);
    • impossibility of publication of an article.
  8. Full name of the reviewer and his/her scientific degree.
  9. The date of signing.